8/10/15 Love Is An Act Of Endless Forgiveness (Jan Karon, “Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good,” page 350)

Jesus gives Peter’s son a hug and says, “Thank you for helping Me.  Do you want to go and play now?”  The little boy nods, smiling, jumps down from Jesus’ lap, and runs off to play.  The apostles watch this exchange, only half paying attention.  They are considering Jesus’ words.  Peter blurts out, “Rabbi, how many times do I need to forgive someone who sins against me?  As many as seven, the Holy number?”  Jesus tells Peter, “No, not seven, but more like 70 times seven – as often as is necessary.  Let me tell you a story about the Kingdom of Heaven so you will understand.  The King is going over His royal books, looking to see who owes Him money.  He calls in the person who owes the greatest debt in His Kingdom.  This servant owes the King a billion dollars, and he cannot pay his debt.  So the King orders the servant and his family to be sold into slavery, and all of their possessions to be sold as well, in order to pay the debt.  But the servant, horrified at the thought of his debt causing him and his whole family to live in slavery for the rest of their lives, falls to the ground, sobbing and pleading with the King, ‘Please, Your Majesty, be patient with me and I will find a way to pay back everything I owe to You!’  The King, taking pity on the poor servant, tells him, ‘I know that you have had a hard time in your business.  I will therefore give you a free gift:  I will not be patient and wait for you to pay Me all that you owe.  That is almost impossible.  Instead, I will completely forgive your debt and will let you and your family go free.’  ‘Oh, thank You, My King!’ the man exults, and bowing low, walks backwards away from the King to give his family the good news.”

Matthew 18:21-27


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