8/9/15 Make God’s Will Your Own And You Will Receive Your Heart’s Desire

“Remember what I have told you before:  I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.  You will be My ambassadors on earth.  I have taught you all about the things of Heaven and the things of this world, both old and new, and it will be your job to teach all the people.  What you deem to be right and good on earth, based on the will of My Father, will also be deemed the same in Heaven, and whatever you deem evil on earth will be deemed evil in Heaven.  But not just you, I make this promise to all who trust in Me to pay the price of their sins and to be the door through which they may enter into eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Likewise, whenever two or more of you are gathered in prayer together in My Name, in accordance with the will of My Father, I AM with you, and My Father will honor your requests.  For to belong to Me is to belong to My Father, and to follow Me is to desire that His will be done in your lives.”

Matthew 18:18-20


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