8/8/15 What To Do When Someone Has Wronged You

“If someone close to you does something sinful towards you, go to that person and talk to him about it.  Tell him how you feel about what he has done.  It may be that he doesn’t even realize he has hurt you, and talking about it is all it will take to reconcile.  But do this in private, just between the two of you, so that neither of you will feel humiliated or pressured in front of a third party.  In this way, you will be following the law that states, ‘By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.’  If he listens and repents of the wrong he has done towards you, you have won him over and your relationship is mended.  If not, try mediation with two trustworthy witnesses present.  If he still will not listen, bring the matter before the church congregation.  If that still fails to move him to repentance, then you must treat him as if he is no longer a member of the church, your family, or your circle of friends.  Because in refusing to repent of his sin, he is violating your trust and that of the congregation as a whole.  He is still entitled to general respect as a person, but should no longer be treated as he had been previously.”

Matthew 18:15-17, Deuteronomy 19:15


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