8/7/15 Insignificant, Indispensable, Lost, Found

Jesus goes on, again motioning towards Peter’s small son sitting in His lap, “Do not brush aside children – or any of the most insignificant people – who believe in Me, or look down on them for who they are.  For I tell you the truth:  their guardian angels are among the most important to My Father in Heaven.  He grants them audience closest to His throne, always.  Remember what I have told you, the least important here on earth are the most important to My Father in Heaven.  They are the ones for whom I AM come – to find them and to bring them unto Me so that they may inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  They are all My Father’s children, and each one is important to Him, and likewise to Me.  Consider this, if a man owns a flock of 100 sheep, will he not leave 99 of them behind to go and search for one that has gone missing?  And if he finds that missing sheep, will he not be overjoyed?  Will he not pick it up and carry it home to the rest of the flock, exulting over finding this one lost sheep more than he ever has in owning the entire flock?  Just as it is with this shepherd, so it is with My Father in Heaven.  He does not want to lose even one member of His flock, and celebrates when one who has been lost is finally returned to Him.”

Matthew 18:10-14


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