8/4/15 Ooh, Ooh, Jesus, Pick Me!

Once Peter has returned to his home and all 12 apostles are together again, Jesus asks a question that makes them all uncomfortable.  “What were you all arguing about on the road to Capernaum?”  They all look at each other out of the corners of their eyes, heads down, without making any eye contact with Jesus.  Nobody says a word.  Because after Jesus picked Peter, John, and James to go up Mt. Hermon with Him, they all began to be jealous of one another.  They all believe that Jesus will soon bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and now they are jostling for prime positions in that kingdom.  They each want the honor and glory that come from being in the inner circle of the King of Kings.  But Jesus knows all this already – He sees their hearts.  He says, “Peter, bring in your youngest son, please.”  Peter does so, wondering where this is going.  “Hello, son,” Jesus says kindly to the young boy.  “Would you sit on My lap while I teach?”  The boy, looking a bit shy, nods and climbs up.  But as soon as he is sitting on Jesus’ lap with His arms around him, the boy relaxes and smiles.  Jesus looks into his eyes, then looks up at His apostles.  Every eye is now on Him and the boy on His lap.  “Whoever wants to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven must become like this little child.  In fact, unless you become like this child, you will not even enter the Kingdom!” He tells them.

Matthew 18:1-3, Mark 9:33-35, Luke 9:46-47


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