8/1/15 Faith To Move A Mountain

But the boy is not dead!  Jesus takes his hand, and the boy opens his eyes, looking around cautiously but eagerly.  Jesus helps the boy to his feet and leads him to his trembling father.  “My boy, oh, my boy, can it be?” he sobs.  Jesus takes the father’s hand in His free hand.  “Believe,” He tells the man, and the man nods furiously, unable to speak.  The boy, however, speaks the first words his father has ever heard out of his son’s mouth, “Father, I love you!  Thank you for never giving up on me.”  They fall into each other’s arms and embrace.  Jesus chooses this moment, when the crowd is distracted by the father and son, to slip away unnoticed by any but His apostles.  They follow discreetly, at a distance, joining Him at the house where they are staying.  “Rabbi,” Matthew asks, concerned by their inability to do the work given them, “Why could we not cast out the demon?”  Jesus looks at them a little sadly and replies, “You still have very little faith.  I have spoken to you before about the mustard seed, how it is the smallest of the seeds but can grow into a large tree.  If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will happen.”  The apostles look over their shoulders at Mt. Hermon looming behind them, awestruck by the very thought that such power could be theirs if only they had enough faith.  “As I told the boy’s father, nothing is impossible with faith.  But with this kind of demon, only prayer and fasting can make it depart,” Jesus tells them.

Matthew 17:18-21, Mark 9:27-29


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