7/31/15 Faith Lite

Jesus watches as the man brings his son forward.  When they are a few feet away, the boy looks up and sees Jesus.  Immediately, he is thrown to the ground, where he begins again to thrash about violently and foam at the mouth.  The demon within him is determined to have its last hurrah, knowing who this Jesus is who is about to banish it.  The boy’s father pleads again, “Rabbi, if You can, please help my boy!”  Jesus looks at the boy and his father with concern in His eyes.  “Do you believe that I can help your son?” He asks, “Because all things are possible if you have faith.”  The boy’s father hesitates, wanting to believe Him but afraid to hope after so many frustrated attempts at curing his son.  “I – I believe!  But, oh, Rabbi, help me with the part of me that still doubts!” he cries out.  Jesus nods, satisfied that the man’s faith is present and growing.  Now He turns to the boy and the tormenting demon.  “Deaf and mute demon, I command you to leave this boy at once, and never return!” He orders the demon.  The demon, caught between its desire to remain and torture the boy further, and its knowledge that this could have been far worse if Jesus decided it was time to send it to its doom, cries out and seizes the boy once more before departing.  And the boy falls to the ground, unmoving – is he dead?  The crowd believes it is so, and everyone is shaken by this turn of events.

Matthew 17:18, Mark 9:20-26, Luke 9:42


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