7/30/15 Without Faith, You Can Do Nothing

They reach the base of the mountain to find a commotion among the crowd.  Some scribes have come from Jerusalem and are debating with the apostles.  As soon as the people see Jesus, they surge towards Him, surrounding Him and all speaking at the same time.  Jesus walks forward into the middle of the fray and sees a distraught father holding his son.  The boy is thrashing about, with his eyes rolled back into his head and foaming at the mouth.  The apostles who remained behind with the people look at Jesus sheepishly, knowing that they have failed to do what Jesus asked of them.  “Rabbi, we tried to heal this boy, but nothing we did had any effect on the demon holding him,” Matthew tells Him.  The boy’s father crawls over to Jesus and falls on his face before Him, begging, “Please, Rabbi, he is my only son.  The demon torments him day and night.  It makes the boy jump into fire and into water.  It gives him convulsions, and it has made him deaf and mute.  He has been this way since he was very young.  Please, can You help him?  Your apostles did try, but they could do nothing against the demon.”  Jesus looks sadly at His apostles and cries out, “Oh, people of unbelief!  How long will I be with you?  How long will I put up with you?  Bring the boy to Me.”

Matthew 17:14-17, Mark 9:14-19, Luke 9:37-41


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