7/28/15 He Really Is The Son Of God

mt hermon

As they watch, transfixed, Elijah and Moses appear, standing there in the same brilliance as Jesus.  The three begin to converse of Heavenly things, and of what is about to happen to Jesus.  It is very cold up there, with snow all around them, and the air is thin.  The apostles feel their eyelids growing heavy with sleep, their bodies’ natural response to being completely overwhelmed.  Peter, scared out of his mind, begins to do what comes naturally to him: talk.  “Well, now, it’s wonderful that we are here to witness this!  Let’s build 3 tents for You, and Moses, and Elijah, Lord, and…” he trails off as he sees a bright cloud coming over them and hears another voice resound, “This is My beloved Son!  I AM very pleased with Him!  Pay attention and take to heart what He tells you!”  Unable to make a sound, the apostles fall to their faces on the ground, quaking in fright.  The Voice of God!  But Jesus comes to them and lays His hands on their shoulders, comforting them.  “It’s alright, here, stand up,” He tells them.  They cautiously lift their heads and look around.  Moses and Elijah have disappeared, only they and Jesus are left on the mountain.  Jesus is no longer brilliantly glowing, but is back to normal, whatever that may be.  But they will never look at Him the same way again.  They have seen the glory of God come upon Him and transform Him into…what?  Who He really is?

Matthew 17:3-8, Mark 9:4-8, Luke 9:30-36, http://www.egrc.net/images/WFTR/HebrewWords/MtHermon.jpg


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