7/24/15 Temptation: Take 4

Looking at Jesus, the apostles notice that He seems very sad.  “You are My trusted servants, having stood by Me through many trials already.  I am going to tell you what must happen soon,” He tells them.  “I will go to Jerusalem at the time of the Passover.  The people, and especially the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes of the Temple, will not believe in Me.  They will turn against me, torture me, and manufacture evidence to have Me put to death.  But I will rise again on the third day.”  The apostles, already astonished by what Jesus has told them about their role in His ministry, cannot believe what they are hearing.  Their beloved Rabbi, the Messiah, suffer and be killed?  This is not what is supposed to happen, not to the Messiah!  He is supposed to be invincible, their fearless leader, God in human flesh, rescuing them from their oppressors.  How can this happen if He is dead?  Surely, He can’t mean it.  Peter can’t take it anymore.  He stands up and asks Jesus to walk with him.  Together, they walk away from the rest of the group, and Peter tells Jesus, “You shouldn’t say things like this!  You know this can’t happen to You, as the Messiah!  You are scaring us.”  But Jesus replies, “Satan!  Get away from Me!  You don’t care about the things of Heaven, only of this earth.  You are trying to make Me fall, and I will not allow it!”  Jesus walks away from Peter and takes His place in the circle of apostles once more.  Peter stands there for a moment, frozen in shock, then turns abruptly and also rejoins the group.

Matthew 16:21-23, Mark 8:31-33, Luke 9:21-22


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