7/21/15 I Once Was Blind, But Now I See

“Come,” Jesus says to the blind man.  He takes the man’s hand and leads him to a little wooded area just beyond the village.  His friends follow silently behind them.  When they get to a spot where they will not be seen by anyone in the village, Jesus turns and takes both of the man’s hands in His.  He looks into the man’s face, seeking just a tiny spark of faith.  Finding it, He nods, then suddenly spits on the man’s eyes.  The man is startled and steps back involuntarily, losing his balance.  But Jesus steps with him, catches him, and steadies him.  Jesus gently touches the man’s eyes with His fingers.  Then He asks, “What can you see?”  The man opens his eyes and looks around hesitantly, not expecting anything miraculous.  “I…I can see…trees?  No, not trees, but men who look like trees, walking around,” the man replies.  Jesus again gently places His fingers on the man’s eyes.  “Try it again.  Look up, and tell Me what you see.”  The man complies, rather reluctantly at first.  “I see… Oh!  I see!  Everything!”  He looks at Jesus and sees His face for the first time.  He sees the love in Jesus’ eyes, and finally, the little spark of faith roars into a fire.  He drops to his knees before Jesus and says, “Oh, Rabbi, how can I ever thank You?”  “Live by faith, and leave no room for bitterness in your heart,” Jesus tells him.  Now, do not go back to the village, and do not tell anyone there what has happened.”  Gently, Jesus raises the man to his feet and embraces him.  “Go home and rejoice privately with your faithful friends,” He tells the man.  Jesus and His apostles leave Bethsaida behind them and return to their fishing boat as the once-blind man leads his friends back to his home to celebrate.

Mark 8:23-26, http://biblehub.com/commentaries/mark/8-22.htm


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