7/20/15 Ye Of Little Faith…But With Faithful Friends To Speak For You

Bethsaida Map 2

Jesus and His apostles pull the boat to shore at Bethsaida, on the Northeastern part of the Sea of Galilee.  They have been here before, and Jesus’ teachings and healings did not produce the effect on the Bethsaidans that they usually do.  The people here, for the most part, have still not turned from their sinful lifestyles to follow Jesus’ path.  The apostles are wondering why they are here again.  Is Jesus going to give the people another chance to repent and follow Him?  They walk into the village and are met by a small group of people.  They are leading a blind man, who does not look as if he wants to be there.  One of them comes up and bows low before Jesus.  “Rabbi, our friend was blinded about a year ago in a terrible accident and has been quite bitter about it ever since.  He has almost lost his will to live.  We have brought him here to You for healing of his eyes and of his soul, though he wants no part of either.  Can You – no, will You still help him?”  Jesus looks around at this group of people, the few out of all the inhabitants of this Bethsaidan village who have found a vibrant, living faith in Him.  His heart swells with love for these, His people, and even this one who has yet to believe.  His friends have faith enough for him, for now.  “Yes, I will help him,” Jesus answers.

Mark 8:22, http://biblehub.com/commentaries/mark/8-22.htm, http://www.holtzendorff.com/vacations/israel/images/Bethsaida%20map.gif


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