7/15/15 Spending Time With Jesus Changes Everything

magdala - dalmanutha map

When the meal is over, Jesus again speaks to the crowd, “My friends, thank you for your faith.  I must travel to another area now; there are many more people who need Me.  Please, go back to your homes.  Remember what I have taught you over the last three days, and turn from the sin in your lives.  Live in such a way as to gain the Kingdom of Heaven!”  The people cheer for Jesus, though they wish He would stay.  But they know the truth of His words, that there are many people in need of Him, and they let Him go.  Their trip home is very different from their trip to get to the mountain.  Now they are all healed in body and spirit, and bursting with new hope.  Jesus and His apostles, after saying goodbye to a few more people, go to the boat that is waiting for them on the lake and set out for the region of Magdala.

Matthew 15:39, Mark 8:9b-10, http://bibleatlas.org/full/dalmanutha.htm


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