7/14/15 He Does It Again – This Time For The Gentiles

Jesus nods, as if to say, “That’ll do it.”  He holds up His hands to the crowd, asking for silence.  He tells the people, “My friends, I know you are hungry.  If you will all recline on the ground in small groups, we will be able to provide food for all of you.”  The apostles look at each other, wondering.  Will He do it again, for Gentiles?  But who are they to question Jesus?  Jesus says to His apostles, “Bring Me what you have.”  Matthew hurries to gather the provisions that they have left and bring them to Jesus.  “Here it is, Rabbi.  It’s not much, but…” He trails off, knowing full well what Jesus can do with not much.  Jesus thanks God for providing the bread, then breaks it and hands it to the apostles to distribute among the people.  Once again, the bread is now fresh and warm, better than what they had brought with them.  Jesus then does the same with the few small fish they have, transforming them into fresh, flaky, steaming filets.  Everyone there – Jesus, His apostles, and the 4,000 men plus many more women and children present in the crowd – eats as much as he or she wants and is filled.  Jesus once again sends His apostles into the crowd, this time with large baskets, the kind that might be used to carry enough provisions to feed a whole family for a week.  They move among the people and collect the leftovers, filling 7 baskets with the food.

Matthew 15:35-38, Mark 8:6-9a


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