7/10/15 Faith Vindicated

Jesus, after teaching in Capernaum for many days, is exhausted.  He knows He needs to get away from the people for a little while and rest in His Father.  He gathers His apostles to Him and tells them, “We are going to Tyre.  I know of a secluded place near the harbor there where we can get away from the people for a while and rest and pray.”  His apostles pack their belongings and they set out.  It is a long, dusty trek on foot, and they are quite weary as they near their destination.  With their weariness comes irritability, and then along comes a Canaanite woman to add to it.  She is  calling out to Jesus to help her.  And she won’t stop.  Finally, the apostles are so fed up that they turn to Jesus and ask, “Can’t You just send her away so she’ll stop bothering us?”  Jesus looks back at the woman with compassion in His eyes, but turns to His apostles, nods slowly, and says to them somewhat sadly, “I AM here for those of My people who are lost.”  But she is persistent, and her next words make Jesus stop.  “Lord Jesus, Son of David, please, help me!  My daughter is tormented by a demon and I have no place else to turn.”  Jesus speaks to her now, telling her, “It isn’t right to take meat from the children and throw it to the little dogs.”  Not flinching at His words, not missing a beat, she replies, “Yes, Lord, but even the little dogs under the table get to eat the crumbs that the children drop.”  Now Jesus smiles warmly at her and tells her, “You have great faith!  Go, your daughter is healed.”  The woman drops to her knees, sobbing, and thanks Him profusely.  Then she turns and runs as fast as she can to her home, where she finds her daughter, her beautiful, loving daughter, waiting at the door for her with a luminous smile on her face.

Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30


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