7/9/15 What Anguish Comes From Not Knowing Jesus

A woman, a Syrian-Phoenician-Canaanite resident of Tyre sits on her bed with her head in her hands.  She and her husband have tried everything they can think of, and nothing has helped.  They have made countless sacrifices to all the gods, but none will give them what they desperately hope for.  Across the room, a little girl lays sleeping.  Her mother lifts her head and looks at her, peaceful at last.  Her daughter has suffered greatly from a demon that has taken hold of her and won’t let go.  The woman thinks about her neighbors, always complaining about the trouble their children cause and how hard it is to maintain discipline.  What do they know of trouble?  But there are rumors being spread about a Healer from Judea.  She doesn’t want to hope, but this may be her one last chance.  Glancing again at her sleeping daughter, the woman’s heart fills with a love so palpable, she knows there is nothing she won’t try.  She makes up her mind right there, she will travel the world if she must, but she will find the Healer and somehow get Him to help her daughter.  She wakes her husband and tells him what she plans to do.  She packs a few things, and when the morning sun begins to peek over the horizon, she kisses her daughter and sets out on a difficult mission.

Matthew 15:22, Mark 7:25-26


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