7/6/15 Dirty Hands Won’t Condemn You, But Dirty Words Will

Jesus, turning His back on the Pharisees, speaks to the crowd gathered around Him.  “I know this is a strange teaching, and it is to your ears the very opposite of what you have learned from childhood.  But I tell you the Truth:  it is not what you eat, or how dirty you are that defiles you.  It is what comes out of your mouth – what you say and the way in which you say it – that will defile you.  This is a very important Truth, and if any would learn it they must listen with a heart to understand.”  Jesus knows that this will be a difficult lesson for the people to grasp, so He leaves off His teaching there and invites everyone to partake of the meal.  When the meal is over, Jesus and His apostles go to the house where they are staying.  Once inside, away from listening ears, the apostles feel comfortable speaking what is on their minds.  Peter starts the conversation, saying, “Rabbi, You know the Pharisees were offended by what You said to them.”  He and his fellow apostles are wary of offending any religious leaders, knowing that these are the people who may ultimately determine all their fates.  Jesus replies, “Do not worry about them.  They are not of God, nor are their rules.  They are like weeds that pollute the grain of the fields, but will be taken out and burned when harvest time comes.  In the end, at the last day, they will not gain entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, because they honor themselves rather than God.  They themselves are blind to God and His truth, and think themselves leaders of people even more blinded.  But when the blind lead the blind both come upon trouble.  But you, My friends, have nothing to fear from them, for though they may have power in this world, they have no power over the Kingdom of Heaven, where you will dwell in peace and joy for eternity.”

Matthew 15:10-14, Mark 7:14-16


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