7/2/15 Misunderstanding Leads To A Sad Parting

Jesus, knowing their hearts, responds to them, saying, “You are troubled by what I have told you?  How will you feel when you see Me return to My Father in Heaven, just as your ancestors saw the manna fall from Heaven?  Maybe then you will understand that I speak to you today of spiritual things.  For, although I will give My flesh to you, and give it willingly, once I return to My Father in Heaven you will not be able to literally eat of My flesh or drink of My blood.  I speak to you words of the Spirit, for it is the Sprit who gives life.  But I know that man of you still do not believe, and so I tell you again, nobody can be Mine unless My Father draws him to Me.”  From the beginning of His ministry, Jesus has known who would remain faithful to Him and who would leave Him and betray Him.  Now, many make the choice to leave.  And these would be lost forever.

John 6:61-66


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