6/30/15 Bread From Heaven vs. Bread Of Heaven – Temporary vs. Eternal Life

Jesus commands their attention once again, simply by softly continuing to instruct them.  He has no intention of explaining His words to them at this point; they would not understand if He did.  But He must say what His Father has given Him to say, that those with believing and understanding hearts may listen.  Once His time is complete, they, at least, will begin to understand.  “I tell you, the flesh and blood of the Son of Man is life itself, and any who desire that life must come and eat and drink of it.  Whoever eats of My flesh and drinks of My blood gains eternal life and will be raised up at the last day to Heaven.  For My flesh and My blood contain real food.  Whoever eats of My flesh and drinks of My blood lives in Me, and I live in him.  My Father in Heaven and I are one, and He has sent Me down to you, that whoever eats of My flesh and drinks of My blood may live because of Me.  I AM the true bread that comes down from Heaven, not the manna sent to your ancestors that sustained them for 40 years in the desert but did not bring them eternal life.  To live forever, you must eat of this bread, the true bread of life.”  And saying this, He turns away from the Capernaum synagogue and walks toward the house where He will spend the night, His somewhat subdued apostles following behind Him.

John 6:53-59


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