6/29/15 Jesus The Cannibal?

Now the Pharisees are truly alarmed.  They visibly recoil at the words Jesus has just spoken, as if the words are flaming arrows shot towards the hearts of the Pharisees.  This Man is not just speaking blasphemy against God, which in itself is grounds for having Him stoned to death.  Now, He is advocating cannibalism!  This is one of those practices of some of those uncivilized peoples that God in His Word calls detestable!  How could anyone even consider doing such an abominable act as to eat of this Man’s very flesh?  And now, it’s not just the Pharisees who step back from Jesus as His words.  Many of those He has taught regularly, who have been His disciples, are dumbfounded.  They are starting to question whether they have been right to trust Him.  Has He led them astray with His miracles and talk of Heavenly things?  Could He be an imposter after all?  How could He be the Messiah, and yet speak of such vile behavior?  They begin to argue amongst themselves, forgetting Jesus’ command for silence.

John 6:52


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