6/25/15 Jesus Is Yeast Of Heaven

“When you are hungry, you seek out food, prepare it, and eat it, to satisfy the needs of your body.  It is the same with spiritual hunger, and I AM the spiritual food that you seek.  I AM the bread of life.  Whoever comes to Me and believes in Me will never be spiritually hungry again, and will never be spiritually thirsty again.  You come to Me after participating in and seeing miracles, and yet you still do not believe.  But whoever truly seeks Me comes as a result of being sent by My Father, and any honest seeker I will receive with joy and love.  I AM come from Heaven, Sent by My Father to do His will, not My own.  His will is that I lose none of those He gives Me.  His will is that all who see Me, His Son, and believe in Me, will be granted eternal life, and that I will raise them up to that eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven on the last day.”  Jesus replies to them.

John 6:35-40


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