6/24/15 The Bread Of Eternal Life

“You claim to be the Messiah.  What sign will You give us to prove this?” the people demand of Jesus.  “You multiplied earthly food and fed a few thousand of us in the desert yesterday.  But Moses gave our people, numbering in the millions, bread that came down from Heaven, twice a day for 40 years!  If You really are the Messiah, You must be able to do greater works than Moses.”  Jesus answers them, “Moses did not provide the bread.  My Father in Heaven did this.  And, as I have told you, this was bread that did not last.  Did not My Father tell the people not to gather more than they would eat for one meal, because if it was put away for another meal it would not last?  But I AM the living bread that is Sent by My Father in Heaven.  I AM the true bread from heaven that God sends down to the word to bring eternal life.  Whoever eats of the living bread will not need to do so again.”  “Please, Rabbi, give us this everlasting bread!” the people implore Him.  Not understanding His words, the people believe that Jesus is telling them that He can give them a kind of bread they can eat once, and then never need to eat anything ever again.  But while this would be a miraculous sign for them, they are once again missing Jesus’ point.

John 6:30-34; Exodus 16:4, 16, 19-21; Nehemiah 9:15; Psalm 78:24


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