6/23/15 Seek Out Eternal Treasure

“You were all willing yesterday to travel from your homes to Bethsaida, and then to wait all day in the sun for Me while I prayed on the mountain.  You were willing to camp in that spot all night last night, and then to seek Me out this morning, and all for what?  To receive something that will not last, something that will fill you for a few hours only.  How much better would it be for you to seek Me out to receive what will last forever, what will bring you peace and joy and eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven?”  The people look confused.  “How do we do this?  What is the work of God?” they ask.  The people are considering the Pharisees, and all the requirements they place upon themselves and all those who would be as holy as they.  They think about the work of the priests in the Temple in Jerusalem.  They consider the commandments, the 10 given by God to Moses on the mountain, and the 613 that the Pharisees command to be kept.  But Jesus replies, “This is the work of God, that you believe in the One whom He has Sent into the world to be the perfect sacrifice for all of your sins, the free gift given to grant you eternal life.  There is nothing you must do, in fact, there is nothing you can do.  Instead, you must trust and believe in Me, and in My Father who Sent Me.”

John 6:28-29


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