6/22/15 Choose Your Bread Wisely

Instead of answering their spoken question, Jesus replies, “You have not come seeking Godly answers.  You come because you ate the food that was given yesterday from Heaven, and you are hoping for more.  You hope to persuade Me to be your king so that you may come together under Me to rid yourselves of the Romans.  But you are missing the spiritual significance of all you have witnessed.”  Jesus picks up 2 loaves of ceremonial bread used in the synagogue services.  He holds up the first loaf and says, “This loaf of bread is the ‘perishing bread.’  This represents the kind of bread you ate yesterday in Bethsaida.  It was given to you miraculously, from My Father in Heaven, but it does not last for eternity.  As with all things of this world, it will decay and die.”  He puts the first loaf down and holds up the second.  “This loaf is the ‘living bread.’  This represents the Messiah, the One Sent by God to grant you eternal life.  Whoever takes part in the life of the Messiah, whoever eats of the living bread, will not perish but will be given the free gift of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I AM the One Sent, the living bread of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Instead of spending all of your time and energy working to gain the perishing things of this world – food, clothing, shelter – do the better work of God.  Use your time and energy working to gain eternal life, learning to trust in God and to do His will, and He will provide what you need.”

John 6:26-27


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