6/21/15 In Search Of A King

Meanwhile, back in Bethsaida, some of the people who are most zealous in their desire to make Jesus their king and overthrow Rome have camped in the area overnight, hoping for another opportunity.  They go to the shore now, and see that the only boat taken is the one the apostles used to sail to Capernaum last night.  There are many other boats there, mostly those that arrived this morning from Tiberius, but only one missing.  They search the area, but they do not find Jesus.  So they decide to go to Capernaum and seek information on Jesus’ whereabouts from His apostles.  They are stunned when they arrive to see Jesus among them, coming out of the synagogue with another huge crowd of followers after the service.  “How did You get here?” they ask.  But Jesus knows their hearts and knows that this is not the question they are really asking.

John 6:22-25


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