6/19/15 Prayer, Faith, & Doing God’s Will

Jesus ascends halfway up the mountain and kneels to pray.  He stays there, on His knees, seeking the will of His Father, for several hours.  His apostles, meanwhile, are in their boat, crossing the Sea of Galilee toward Capernaum, when the wind begins to pick up.  They are worried about Jesus, being alone on that mountain, even though they trust His words.  Now it is dark and the waves are becoming turbulent with the wind.  They pray for safe passage to their destination, and for safety for their Rabbi.  Jesus can see the trouble His apostles are having with the little boat in the wind-torn sea from His perch on the mountain.  He descends and walks out to them – on the water.  When He is a little ways away from the boat, His apostles see Him.  Believing Him to be a ghost, they begin to panic.  Jesus speaks to them to calm them, “Don’t worry!  It is I, you are safe.”  Peter is still not sure.  “If it really is You, Lord, command me to come out of the boat and walk on the water with You!” he shouts.  “Come!” booms the voice of Jesus, and Peter steps out onto the water.  He takes 5 steps toward Jesus, then the wind and waves make him falter and look down.  As soon as he does so, he begins to sink into the water.  “Help me, Lord!” he cries, and Jesus pulls him back into the boat, laughing.  “Oh, Peter, where is your faith?  Why did you doubt?” He asks.  The wind calms as soon as Jesus steps into the boat, and when the apostles look around, they realize they have now arrived at the shore.  They are more amazed than ever, and whisper to each other, “He really is the Messiah.”  Even after all the time they have spent with Jesus, after all the miracles they have witnessed and even been given the power to perform themselves, they still do not understand who He really is and the power He wields over everything He has created.

Matthew 14:23-33, Mark 6:47-52, John 6:17b-21


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