6/11/15 The Evil Queen’s Plot

Herodias excuses herself from the table, kissing her husband’s ring as she rises, and goes to find her daughter.  She knows that her daughter is a beautiful young girl, and will be much appreciated by the drunk men at the party.  And the most inebriated of them all is her husband the king, the birthday boy himself!  She quickly tells her daughter what she is to do.  When she is sure the girl understands the plan, they go together back into the banquet hall.  Herodias asks the king’s steward to announce them.  He stands in the middle of the room facing the king and announces, “Majesty, your queen wishes to present a gift for you in honor of your birthday.  Her daughter will dance for your pleasure.”  King Herod looks quite pleased, as do all of the men in attendance.  The music begins, and Herodius’ daughter appears in a revealing costume, performing an alluring dance before the king and his guests.  When she finishes, all in attendance stand to applaud her, and the king proclaims, “Well done, girl!  Now I would like to give you a gift.  Ask me for anything, whatever you’d like, and you shall have it – even up to half of my kingdom!”  The girl pretends to think for a moment, and then, having been instructed by her mother what she is to say, she responds, “Bring to me here the head of John the Baptist on a platter!”

Matthew 14:6-8, Mark 6:22-25


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