6/6/15 Now Is The Time To Plan For Your Future

“Because God promises Good to all His children and provides all their needs, He has sent Me to provide the greatest need of all – atonement for their sins.  Any who come to Me and ask forgiveness will receive it freely, and if they proclaim before the people of the world that they belong to Me, I will also proclaim the same to God on the Day of Judgment.  Therefore their sins will be erased, and it will be as though God looks at Me when He looks at them.  However, whoever does not come to Me for forgiveness of His sins will stand in judgment alone, and be judged according to his own actions.  I will not pretend before God to know those who have rejected Me in this life, and they will be condemned by their own sinfulness.  Be bold, therefore, when you spread My Message throughout the villages of Israel, for you will be helping people to determine their eternal abode.”

Matthew 10:32-33


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