6/5/15 Shining The Light Into The Dark Corners

“As I have told you before, students or servants cannot be above their Teacher or Master, but can only be like their Teacher or Master.  In this instance that will be a relief for you, because although you will suffer for My sake, you may take heart in knowing that I will suffer much more than you will.  Whoever is a student or servant of Satan will also be like him, and desire your downfall.  But don’t be afraid of them, because I will overcome the powers of Satan that are going to result in your suffering.  Don’t be afraid to preach the Message of the Kingdom of Heaven whenever and wherever you find opportunity.  I will be with you, always.  Even when it seems that My Message is poison, and all who speak it are doomed to a life of suffering, be bold and speak it!  For it will not always be this way.  Everything that is hidden in darkness will be brought into the light.  All that is whispered in secret will soon be known everywhere.  When I tell you something in secret, shout it from the rooftops.  What you learn in the dark of night, proclaim in the market square in the middle of the day.  The people of this world who are against you have power over your body right now, but they have no power over your soul.  So don’t fear them!  But instead, fear the Lord your God, who created both your body and soul and who has power over both!  Without Me, the Great Provision that God has given to pay for your sins, your body and soul would be doomed to an eternity in hell.  But you know that you are saved from hell because you now belong to Me and to My Father, who knows all.  He will not let the smallest bird, worth only a penny in the eyes of the world, fall from the nest if it is not in His will.  He knows how many hairs you have on your head.  You are much more important to God than all of the birds, so don’t be afraid.  Your temporary suffering will bring you an eternity of joy with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew 10:24-31


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