6/4/15 The Great War Will Soon Begin – And God Has Already Won

“Families were created by God to love and care for each other, and to be a shadow of the relationship between God and His children.  But this world and the people in it are living in the darkness of Satan’s rule.  He clouds their vision so that they cannot see things for what they are.  My Truth is seen as a terrible, harmful lie.  When people come to Me for forgiveness of their sins, I AM able to open their eyes so that they may see clearly for the first time.  But family members, friends, and people in authority over them will terrorize My disciples, My followers, even unto death.  Brothers and sisters, parents and children will turn against one another, torturing My followers because of Satan’s hold on them.  All who follow Me will be hated for it.  But do not lose hope!  If you are being tormented in one village, leave that place and go to the next one.  I tell you, you will not visit all the villages of Israel with My Message of Hope before I return to call My own to Me.  Keep doing the work that I AM giving you to do, and if you endure the trials of this life to the end, your reward in the Kingdom of Heaven will be great!

Matthew 10:21-23


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