6/3/15 Let God Fight Your Battles

“Before you go, you will need to prepare yourselves for the work with prayer.  What I AM sending you to do will be like sending a brand-new gladiator slave into a Roman arena to fight the champion.  This world is Satan’s domain, and he is a champion fighter.  He wants to keep as many of God’s people as possible away from the Kingdom of Heaven and he will use any means necessary to do it.  You will need to keep yourselves from any kind of sin, even any hint of sin, so that nobody will have any reason to bring any kind of charge against you.  But at the same time, you must be shrewd enough that nothing will catch you off guard or be beyond your ability to deal with.  Be careful in all your interactions with the people, because they will look for any reason to drag you off before the authorities on trumped-up charges.  They will denounce you because of Me and bring you before the Sanhedrin, Herod, Pilate, even Caesar.  But do not be afraid when this happens.  Because of this, you will be able to spread the Message farther – to religious leaders, governors, kings, emperors, and all the people who listen to you in their presence.  And do not worry about what you should say, because if you are where My Father wants you to be, doing the work He has for you to do, His Holy Spirit will put into your mouths the words you are to say in the moment you need them.  Only rely on God for all your needs, and they will be provided.”

Matthew 10:16-20


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