5/30/15 Compassion and Prayer

As they travel, Jesus teaches both the villagers and His apostles.  He tells His apostles, “People are like sheep.  If they are left on their own, they tend to wander away from safety.  They end up getting into trouble and getting hurt.  But if they stay with the shepherd, He can take care of them and show them the right way to walk the road of life.  That’s why I have so much love in My heart for all people, even those who hate Me.  Because I know that they are like sheep who have no shepherd.  They have wandered off the path, and Satan, the false shepherd, has deceived them into believing that the path of Life is really the path of Death, and vice versa.  But if they will open the eyes of their hearts and listen to the truth, many can still be saved.  I would like to ask you all to pray with Me for the people to turn to Me and be saved.  And pray also for more people to proclaim My Good News.  There are many people who are like grain ready for harvest – all they need is someone to tell them My Truth.  But there are very few people to do this work.  Please, pray to God, the Lord of the Harvest, to send us more people to work in His fields, harvesting people for the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew 9:35-38


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