5/29/15 Grace

Nazareth hill Nazareth

Jesus walks to the home of the elderly couple where He and His apostles spent the night.  He gathers His few possessions and prepares for the journey ahead of Him.  Soon, He hears a commotion outside.  He opens the door and sees a small group of people who are obviously hurting.  He has compassion on them, and goes out to help them.  He takes His time, speaking with each person individually and healing bodies and hearts.  As He finishes, He embraces each one and sees a sparkle of hope and belief their eyes.  Then He looks up and sees a larger crowd coming toward them, with angry faces.  His apostles are also hurrying their way, looking gravely concerned.  They arrive first and quickly go into the house to prepare to leave.  The crowd arrives and the man who has been chosen to speak for them says to Jesus, “You are no longer welcome here.  You are blaspheming the Name of the Lord!  Leave, now, and don’t return!”  One of the men Jesus has just healed looks as if he wants to speak up in His defense, but seeing the angry faces surrounding them, he sadly lowers his eyes to the ground and remains silent.  Jesus’ apostles look into the sorrowful eyes of their beloved Rabbi as He tells them, “I will honor your request, though it makes Me sad, because I know that the only place where a prophet does not command respect is in his own hometown.”  But His words only serve to infuriate the crowd even more.  They surround Him and His apostles and sweep them along with them to the top of the hill (The town of Nazareth is built on the top of that hill) intending to throw Him off of it.  When they arrive at the “drop off” area, Jesus is gone.  Somehow, He melted into the crowd and escaped as they stormed along.  His apostles are waiting for Him on the other side of the hill, and they start their descent in silence.  They travel to the surrounding towns then, healing many people in each town, and receiving a much more favorable welcome.  Jesus is able to teach in each town’s synagogue, spreading the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.  But Jesus is still troubled by the events in Nazareth.

Matthew 13:57-58, Mark 6:4-6, Luke 4:28-30, http://housewifeclass.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/20130223-110501.jpg, http://truthbook.com/images/site_images/US_Historical_Archive_From_the_east_Nazareth_525.jpg


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