5/27/15 You Think You Know A Guy…

“Who does He think He is?”  “This is Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s son, he grew up here with us.  He is a carpenter.  Nothing more.  What is He doing, trying to make Himself more than He is?”  “But all the stories we have heard – is it possible?  Could it be true?”  “No, don’t be ridiculous!  If He were the Son of God, the Messiah, we would know about it!  We’ve known Him and the whole family His whole life!  How could they hide something like that?  And why would they?  It doesn’t make sense.”  The synagogue is in an uproar.  A few congregants have room in their hearts to wonder if it could be possible.  But most are just plain angry.  Jesus can pass Himself off as whatever He wants in places where nobody knows him.  But to try that trickery here, among His own people, who have known Him since He was a child?  “He was such a good boy, too,” one woman remarks sadly, trying to imagine what went wrong to make Jesus behave this way.  “His brothers and sisters are all good people.  Look!  There are His sisters with their husbands.  See how ashamed they look?  And His brothers – James, Joseph, Simon, & Judas – I hear they only accompany Him to watch after their poor mother.”  Jesus hears the comments flying around, knowing that this was the outcome He expected.  But He had to try – He still has to try.

Matthew 13:54b-56, Mark 6:2b-3, Luke 4:22


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