5/25/15 The True Meaning Of Blind Faith

They arrive at the house just as Jesus is departing with His apostles.  The men hear them speaking to each other, and figure out who these people are.  “Let’s follow them!” one says.  “Maybe He can help us!”  Finding the street again, they hurry to catch up to the apostles and their Rabbi.  One man calls out, “Son of David, please, help us!”  But Jesus does not turn around.  He keeps walking.  “Messiah!  Forgive us!” his friend cries.  But still Jesus walks on.  The men are worried now.  Did they follow the wrong man?  Is this not Jesus, the one everyone has told them is the Messiah?  Neither is willing to say what he is thinking, and so they press on.  Soon, Jesus comes to the house where He and His apostles will spend the night.  There, He stops and knocks on the door.  Everyone is welcomed in and the door begins to close.  At the last second, one of the blind men rushes over and grabs the door, pleading, “Lord, please, grant us Your grace and mercy!”  Jesus turns then, and walks back to the door.  He opens it, smiling, and reaches to take the men’s hands.  He pulls them into the house with Him and shuts the door.  Then He asks them both, “Do you really believe that I can make you whole?”  “Yes, Lord!” they both reply emphatically.  “If you truly believe, your faith will heal you,” Jesus tells them.  He touches the eyes of both men, and instantly their eyes regain their sight.  Jesus looks deep into all 4 of those newly-healed eyes and says to their owners, “I must ask you not to tell people how you received your sight.  You will be in danger from those in power if they discover you.  Now go, and do your best to live in faith, without sinning.”  The two men, overjoyed, kiss Jesus’ hands.  They shout their thanks to Him, then turn and run out the door, leaping and dancing as they go.  But they do not follow Jesus’ command, and the story of their healing spreads throughout the land.

Matthew 9:27b-31


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