5/24/15 He Who Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear!

Two men have been listening to the events at the home of Jairus and his family.  They are blind beggars and have been living nearby, outside the home of a rich man and his family.  There, they have been able to beg for bread on a daily basis for the past several years.  Their lives since discovering this crude haven, though not glamorous, have been without too much trouble.  You might even say they are comfortable with their living arrangement.  “What’s that they’re saying?  Something about a girl being dead and now alive?  This doesn’t make any sense.  They must be drunk,” one comments.  Listening more intently now, his companion starts to get excited.  “I heard them say Jesus!  He’s the one everyone has been talking about, saying He might be the Messiah.  Listen close!”  After another half hour or so of trying to figure out what’s happening over there, they decide it’s worth the risk to get closer to the action.  Linking arms, they begin the treacherous (for a blind man) journey down the street, mostly using their ears and noses to guide them.  On their way, one of the men trips over a long stick.  His friend helps him to his feet, and he picks up the stick.  “We can use this to help us find our way,” he says.

Matthew 9:27a


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