5/22/15 A Celebration of Life

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” Jesus warns Jairus and his wife.  Otherwise you’ll be in trouble with the Sanhedrin, and you’ll never get any peace.”  Jairus looks at Him in disbelief.  Not tell anyone?  Everyone is going to know anyway – they came for a funeral, and now she’s alive again.  But he nods in agreement.  “She will be hungry.  Get her something to eat,” Jesus tells her mother.  They walk down the stairs and rejoin the crowd, with the little girl in tow.  Gasps of astonishment fill the air.  “Friends, please join us for a celebration, for this is no longer a funeral party!” Jairus announces to the crowd, attempting to abide by his agreement not to tell anyone how it happened but to acknowledge the miracle all the same.  A feast is quickly put together from funeral dishes brought by the townspeople, and the celebration begins.  But even though no explanation is offered, the people look at Jesus and know how the little girl was healed.  News of this great miracle quickly spreads to neighboring towns and villages, and of course, back to the Sanhedrin through the spies sent from Jerusalem to keep an eye on Jesus.

Matthew 9:26, Mark 5:43, Luke 8:55b-56


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