5/15/15 Are We Next?

Throngs of people from all over the Decapolis gather around the tombs, where those in front are able to see the two once-possessed men sitting quietly, fully clothed and fully sane, at Jesus’ feet.  Several gasps are audible from the crowd, and the people farther back jostle each other for a better view.  The news is passed back, “It’s true, they look like normal men now!”  Some rush to the edge of the cliff to look for the pigs, coming back to report, “Yes, the part about the pigs, too!  They’re all down there, floating in the water.”  A sudden sense of fear pervades the crowd, and they start to back away from the scene.  Who is this Man and what kind of power does He have, that could deliver these formerly ferocious men from their demons and send 2,000 pigs to their deaths?  What is He going to do next?  What if He is here to punish all of them for their sins?  For, surely, He has been sent from God to judge them!

Matthew 8:34a, Mark 5:15-16, Luke 8:35-36


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