5/10/15 A Peaceful, Restful Night…Or Not

As Jesus finishes speaking, night begins to fall.  He turns to His apostles and says, “Let’s sail to the other side of the lake.”  They bid the crowd a good night and raise the sail of the fishing boat.  Jesus is very tired from the events of the day, so He finds a cushion and lies down in the stern of the boat to go to sleep.  The apostles plan to take turns sleeping and tending to the boat.  It is a beautiful evening, though, and the sky is full of bright stars, so they stay awake and watch together.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, roiling dark clouds gather directly over their boat.  A storm, the likes of which these seasoned fishermen have never seen on their lake, roars to life with a vengeance.  The wind whips up and down and in a circular motion, like a tornado on the water.  The small fishing boat is whipped around, rising and falling, spinning out of control…while Jesus sleeps peacefully in the stern.  His apostles, terrified, fight their way to Jesus and desperately try to wake Him.  “Rabbi, Rabbi!  We’re going to die!  Don’t You care?”

Matthew 8:23-25, Mark 4:35-38, Luke 8:22-24a


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