5/8/15 You Are Quite A Catch – If You Trust In The Fisherman

Jesus looks as His apostles, many of whom are fishermen, and smiles.  “Some fishermen are in their boat in the middle of the lake.  They cast their net into the water and let it drag along the bottom as they go, collecting whatever fish get caught in the net.  When the net begins to feel heavy, they haul it up and into the boat, and see that they have caught a great deal of fish.  Pleased with their night’s work, they head to shore.  There, they unload their catch, sit down on the beach, and begin to sort the good fish from the bad.  Any fish that is already dead, too small, or not fit to sell in any way will be cast out.  But the good fish will be put into barrels to sell in the marketplace.  Here is another picture of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The good news about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the world from now until the end of the age, and as the message is spread, it will be the net that collects people.  At the end of the age, the angels will take the people who have trusted in Me to save them from their sins to eternal joy in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But those who have trusted in their own goodness to save them will be cast out by their own decision, because they believe the lie that they can live perfect lives and have no need for a savior.  Do you understand what I have told you?”  His apostles look at Him solemnly and say, “Yes, Lord, we do.”

Matthew 13:47-51


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