5/7/15 Never Stop Looking Till You Find The Best

“A gold merchant is looking over his collection of rare pieces from around the world.  They are quite valuable, both individually and as a collection, but he is never satisfied with them.  He is always looking for something more, always listening to travelers’ stories, waiting to hear about a new discovery of a rare piece here or there.  He has a bag packed and waiting for him by his door so that he can be ready to set off on a moment’s notice to seek something more valuable.  One day, he comes across a piece more valuable than his whole collection combined.  This is what he has been searching for all his life, the piece that will let him say, ‘Now my life is complete and if I die today I will die the happiest man in the world.’  He runs home, takes his entire collection, and sells it.  Then he takes the money and purchases the rare treasure he has just found.  This is another picture of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Jewish people have the treasure of being God’s chosen people, but feel that they are incomplete without their Messiah.  If anyone seeks Me and finds Me, puts their faith in Me to save them from their sins, and commits to follow Me for the rest of their lives, they will find the Kingdom of Heaven.  Just like the gold merchant, they may have to give up all their worldly treasure.  But what they will get in return will so totally eclipse anything they have on earth that they will joyfully give anything to get it.

Matthew 13:45-46


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