5/3/15 Wait Till Harvest Time To Sort The Perfect From The Imperfect

“Now, the owner of the farm is the one who plants the seed, then He sends His workers out to tend the fields.  He knows that the seed He has planted is good, because He examined it Himself.  But after He plants the seed, He goes away from the field for the night, and while He is sleeping, an enemy comes and plants weeds in among the good seeds.  In a few days, when the sprouts begin to come up, the workers notice that the field is full of weeds as well as good plants.  They go to the owner of the farm and tell Him, saying, ‘The field is full of weeds!  What happened?  Didn’t You plant good seed?’  The farm owner replies, ‘Yes, I did.  But in the night, an enemy came and planted weeds among the good seeds.’  The workers ask, ‘Do You want us to pull up the weeds?’  The farm owner tells them, ‘No, if you do that you might pull up the good plants with the weeds.  Wait until harvest time.  Then harvest both together, and separate them once they are out of the ground.  Put the good plants in the barn and burn the weeds in the fire.’  So it is with the Kingdom of Heaven.  God plants good seed, His Word.  But the enemy, Satan, comes and plants weeds among the good seed.  So the people sown with good seed grow alongside those sown with weeds, and until the time of the harvest it may be impossible to tell God’s crop from Satan’s.  But at harvest time, all will be uprooted and sorted in the judgment, and those who have trusted in God will be put in His barn, the Kingdom of Heaven.  But those who have trusted in the enemy, Satan, will be burned in the fire.”

Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43


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