5/2/15 How Does A Seed Grow?

mustard seed mustard tree

Now Jesus addresses the crowd on the shore again.  He tells the people, “I know that many of you are farmers.  Do you know the mystery of the seed?  You plant it in the ground, water it and take care of it, and it grows into a plant.  How does it do this?  First you see a little sprout, then a leaf, then a stem, then a whole plant, and in time it is ripe and ready to harvest.  Do you have to be with the seed all the time, telling and showing it how to grow?  No, it grows whether you are there or not, whether you are asleep or awake, day or night.  This is like the Kingdom of Heaven.  Nobody except God knows how the Kingdom grows.  But you will be the farmers.  You will plant the seeds, care for them, and watch them grow into strong, mature plants.  And when the time is right, God will harvest His plants.”

Mark 4:26-29, http://www.gbcdecatur.org/sermons/MustardSeed, https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s…


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