4/26/15 Planting Words In Fertile Hearts

After speaking with His mother and brothers about the risk He is taking by criticizing the Pharisees, Jesus calls His 12 apostles together and gets into a boat waiting for Him at the shoreline.  A large crowd has gathered to see and hear Him, as always, and He likes to speak from a boat a little ways out in the water in order to be seen and heard more clearly, and so that the people don’t try to crowd each other to get closer to Him.  He begins to speak to them, telling them a story, or a parable:  “It is planting time, and a farmer goes out to sow his seed in his field.  He is rather careless with the spreading of the seed, letting some of the seeds fall in rocky places, some among thorn bushes, some on the walking path, and the rest in the good soil.  The seed that falls in the rocky places does not grow well, because the roots cannot reach the depth needed to get the right amount of water and nutrients.  The seed that falls among the thorns grows better, but then the thorn bushes crowd and choke out the plants, and they cannot thrive.  The seed that falls on the walking path never gets the chance to grow, because the birds immediately swoop down and devour it.  But the seed that falls on the good soil is tended, watered, and given everything needed to thrive, and it produces a good crop – in some areas 100 times, 60 times, or 30 times what is sown.  If you will listen to understand, please do!  This is an important lesson for all who would follow Me.”

Matthew 13:1-9, Mark 4:1-9, Luke 8:4-8


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