4/25/15 Who Is My Brother, Sister, Mother?

As this exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees is taking place within the home of the man Jesus has just freed from demonic possession, His mother and brothers are standing outside waiting for Him with those of His followers who had not joined the 12 apostles inside.  They overhear enough of the conversation  to begin to grow worried.  They know that the Pharisees are going to go back and report all that they hear to the Sanhedrin, the Jewish ruling council in Jerusalem, and that High Priest Caiaphas will use everything he can against Jesus.  They are afraid that the plot to kill Jesus is growing, and could be carried out at any time, especially now that Jesus has begun to really come down hard on the Pharisees.  After seeing her sons exchange nervous looks, Mary whispers to one of Jesus’ followers, “Could you tell Him we need to speak with Him out here when He is ready?”  The man nods and enters the house.  “Rabbi, Your mother and brothers are outside and they want to talk to You when You get a chance,” he tells Jesus.  Another onlooker speaks up at this saying, “Your mother is truly blessed to have You for a son!”  Jesus looks at the people gathered in the small house and smiles.  “I know of their concern, and I will go out to them soon.  Thank you.  But My family is in this room with Me as well.”  He sees puzzled expressions on many faces.  “All who believe in Me, whose hearts’ desires are to do the will of My Father in Heaven and to love and care for the people they meet, these are my mother and brothers and sisters.”  As the faces of His apostles turn from puzzlement to understanding and wonder, Jesus turns and leaves the house to have a discussion with His mother and brothers outside.

Matthew 12:46-50, Mark 3:20-21, 31-35, Luke 11:27-28


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