4/24/15 With What Will You Fill The Void?

“The people of Israel are in worse shape than this man whom I have just set free from the demons that had possession of him.  He knows who it is that has set him free, and his heart will forever be changed because of it.  But most of the people of Israel do not really believe in Me.  The miracles done, unless they are personal and heart-changing in nature, do not have any lasting influence on them or their perceptions.  They see miracles and go back to their daily routines, as if nothing has happened.  And so it is like a man who has been set free from his demons, but does not change his heart as a result.  The demons go out of him and look for a new home.  But when they don’t find a suitable one, they say, “Let’s go back and see if our previous home is still available.”  They return to the man and find that he is, indeed available to them, empty and cleaned out with no security system in place to keep them out.  Excited now, the demons go and find friends to come and live with them.  And so the man ends up being worse off than he had been before.  When people see miracles, but have no heart change as a result, and do not believe in the One God has sent to them, they remain in their sin, and the void in their heart is still there.  This makes them vulnerable to attacks from Satan, who wants more than anything to steal as many people as possible away from God and His Kingdom.  But if you see what I do and believe that God has sent Me to save you from your sinful lives, the void in your heart will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, and there will be no home available to Satan’s demons when they come looking.”

Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 11:24-26


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