4/15/15 Living For Yourself, Not For God

Jesus says to them, “What can I compare these people to?  They are like children playing games in the neighborhood.  First they pretend they are playing music at a wedding, and they get angry with anyone who won’t dance to their music.  And then they pretend they are singing at a funeral, and they get angry with anyone who won’t pretend to cry and be sad.  The Pharisees and Sadducees accused John of being possessed by a demon because he wouldn’t take part in their luxurious lifestyle, living alone in the wilderness and fasting instead of living in a grand house and feasting with them.  Now they accuse Me of living sinfully because I partake of the Good things of this world with My friends.  But the real cause of their displeasure is the disdain they have for anything truly Holy, as both John and I represent.  They are wise in their own eyes only, not in the eyes of God.  In due time they will be shown as the fools they are.  And those who listen to the Word of the Lord and live according to what is taught them in that Word will be shown to be wise in the eyes of God.”

Matthew 11:16-19, Luke 7:31-35


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