4/11/15 A Faith Restored

John’s disciples set out on their journey towards Nain, the last known whereabouts of Jesus of Nazareth.  They find Him just outside the little town, teaching the people who have gathered there and healing the sick.  They join the group and watch intently, trying to determine for themselves whether or not Jesus is the Messiah.  When evening comes, the crowd disperses for dinner, and John’s disciples seize the opportunity to speak with Jesus.  Coming up to His disciples, they introduce themselves.  “We have been sent by John the Baptist to speak with Jesus.  May we?”  Jesus’ disciples let them through, and they bow before Jesus.  “Rabbi, John has sent us to ask You, are You He who was prophesied about?  Are You the Messiah who was to come?  Or should we be looking for another?”  Jesus looks at them with His deep, compassionate eyes and says to them, “What have you seen?  You have been observing Me all day today, and have seen me on another occasion as well.  What do your observations tell you?”  “Well,” one replies, “It certainly appears that You are the Messiah.  We just need to be sure.”  “Go back to John, and tell him of what you have seen here:  evil spirits are cast out, the sick and injured are healed, those who have been outcasts because of feared skin diseases are made whole and clean, disabled organs are made new, and God’s good news is taught to all who will hear it.  Tell John that those who stand strong in their faith will be blessed.”  And with that commanding message still ringing in their ears, John’s disciples start out on the return journey to Machaerus to relay this information to their master.

Matthew 11:4-6, Luke 7:20-23


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