4/5/15 Respect Earns Respect

Jesus descends from His perch on the mountainside and joins His disciples in the valley.  He says to them, “Come, everyone, let us return to Capernaum.  We have much work to do among the people.”  Everyone begins to gather their belongings and they set out on the return journey.  When they reach the outskirts of the town, a man comes running up to meet them.  Jesus goes to him, seeing the urgency on his face, and asks, “What is wrong, my friend?”  “Well, You see, Rabbi, there’s this Roman Centurion – and I wouldn’t give most Romans the time of day – but this one is a good friend to our people.  He tries to keep the peace, instead of swooping down with his soldiers every time there’s a hint of trouble.  He helps us with our problems and intervenes on our behalf when there’s a misunderstanding between us and the Romans.  He even helped us build a new synagogue!  But, Rabbi, he is in great distress now.  His most beloved servant is near death and he’s tried everything to help but nothing is working.  He heard You were coming back, and sent me to see if You might heal him.”  Jesus replies, “I will come at once!”

Matthew 8:5-7, Luke 7:1-5


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