4/3/15 Only Perfect People Will Enter Heaven

“In the last days, when everyone is gathered for the final judgment, there will be many people who will come to Me, saying, ‘My Lord, my Lord, I have done so many things in your name!  I healed people, and exorcised demons, and gave prophecies!’  But I will say to them, ‘You may have done these things in My Name, but I never knew you.  You never let Me into your heart.  You did not do what God asked you to do.  You did these things to gain your own honor and glory from the people around you, but you never cared about the things of God.’  These are people who never put their trust in Me to save them from their sins, but believed that they could live a life of complete righteousness, free from any sins at all, and save themselves.  And so, when the day of judgment comes, they will be found guilty and will be cast out of heaven into eternal punishment.  But if you put your faith in Me to save you from your sins, your Heavenly Father will look at you and see Me, and so you will be innocent in His eyes and welcomed into eternal joy in Heaven.”

Matthew 7:21-23, Luke 6:46


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